Capcut Download for PC | Video Editor for Browser PC Mac

Capcut Download for PC : CapCut is an efficient and easy-to-use video editing platform, this free tool is also available for web browser, windows, and Mac. Want to experience CapCut on your computer? Let’s download CapCut now, start making videos easily~

Capcut Download for PC


Capcut Download for PC


CapCut, a free TikTok video editing tool launched by ByteDance Ltd..

It can be used on mobile and desktop devices.

Want to experience the PC version of CapCut?

In this article, we will introduce how to download the computer version, move down to see more.

  • Mobile
  • Browser (Web)
  • Mac
  • Windows


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▼ Want to use it on your phone first?

Refer to Get CapCut App .

Get Capcut for mobile


Capcut for PC


Don’t feel like to install it yet?

Just try to experience it from a computer browser first.


Browser  I


Official Website : CapCut

▼ Open the official website link,

click Open CapCut in your browser.

And that’s it, select a project and start editing~

Open and use Capcut in your browser

Browser II not supported?


▼ If you open it with Safari or Firefox browser,

will see Browser not supported.

The official also recommends using the latest version of Chrome for a better experience.


Verified: CapCut can be used on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Users will have best Capcut experience with Google Chrome browser


Capcut PC Download



▼ For Mac users, open the official website link (↑).

Select Download for Mac to get the .dmg installation file.

Download Capcut for mac



▼ Friends use the Windows system, open the official website link (↑).

Select Download for Windows to get the .exe installation file.

Download Capcut for Windows

These are how we get Capcut for PC, if it works on you, please share this with your friends , Thanks.