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Tor browser , prevents you from internet tracking, surveillance and censorship, encrypts your traffic multiple times, to try this out, could follow this post to Download Tor browser mobile app , let’s begin~

Download Tor browser mobile app


Tor Browser is developed by the Tor Project, Inc, which is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, it committed to transparency and the safety of its users. To discover more about Tor, please see History of Tor, and Support for FAQs.

In this article, we will introduce how to download Tor Browser for Android and iOS, and it’s time to get it.


How to download Tor mobile browser ? 

For Android (1) official site


official site :  Download Tor Browser

▼ For Android phone and tablet users, to use Tor Browser, we can download it from official site.

Open the link above to visit Download page(, move down a bit, then tap Android LOGO.

Note :  To try Tor Browser for desktop, please see Tor Browser for Desktop to get it.

tor browser android

For Android (2) Google Play


Google Play :  Tor Browser

▼ Tap Go to Google Play, and you can Install it from the Google Play.

tor browser ios

For Android (3) APK


▼ Once you can’t get it from Google Play, or want to get APK file, you could download it from official site.

Tap Download .apk, select OK to keep APK, and the download will start, they provide different CPU architectures(aarch64~86_64).

tor browser apk


Download Tor Browser App

For iOS :  Onion Browser


App Store :  Onion Browser

▼ For iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users, the Tor Project doesn’t provide Tor mobile for iOS for now, but they recommend you try Onion Browser for iOS.

You can found a link to download Onion Browser from the Android Download page, tap Are you an iOS user?…, or you could open the link above directly to get Onion Broser.

tor browser for iphone

Follow the steps above, and you will get Tor Browser app to protect your privacy, if it works on you, please share this with your friends, thanks~

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