How to change language in Douyin | TikTok China settings

How to change language in Douyin (TikTok China) ? To use Douyin in English? Follow us to change language settings in 抖音 ~

how to change language in douyin


Douyin (TikTok China /Chinese TikTok), which is the leading destination for short-form video in China.

And in this article, we will introducing the way to change your preferred language on Douyin(TikTok China), let’s get into it.


Please note : The steps below are the way to change language for old version of Douyin App, the language settings is not available now. You could still refer the English translation to use it.


How to change Douyin to English ?

Step 1 Download Douyin App


▼ Before we talk about it, please make sure you’ve Download TikTok China(Android/iOS) on your phone.

Douyin 抖音 is totally different from TikTok (international).

douyin english

Step 2 Log in


▼ Next, you will have to log in Douyin, please refer Create account on Tiktok China to sign in.

how to change douyin to english

Step 3 Me


▼ Tap 我 Me to enter your profile page.

Note :  We tested and couldn’t change language settings on Douyin for Android, but you can still follow the steps below to try it.

douyin change language


Change Douyin language ?

Step 4 ≡


▼ Tap in the upper right corner.

how to make douyin english

Step 5 Settings


▼ Next, tap 设置 Settings (Android) or Privacy and settings.

how to change language on douyin

Step 6 General settings


▼ Tap 通用设置 General settings.

change douyin to english

Step 7 Switch language


Please note : It is not valid for Android and iOS now.


iOS :

Readers using iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, tap 切换语言 Switch language, there are 简体中文(Simplified Chinese) and English available.

Select your preferred language, tap Done to apply it. 

Android :

Readers having Android phones or tablets probably can not find language settings as below, but you can still have a try.

Note : Language is 语言 in Simplified Chinese.

douyin english

Step 8


▼ After changing the language, you can start browsing it with your preferred language.

how to change language in douyin

The above are how we switch language settings on Douyin, please share it to your friends if it works on you, Thanks~

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