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WeChat , a super app used by more than 1 billion people, which includes instant messaging, social media, and mobile payment functions. To set a new ID, could follow us to see How to change your WeChat ID ~

How to change your WeChat ID


In this article, we will introduce how to find and set your WeChat ID(username), let’s get started ~


How to update WeChat ID ?

Step 1 Me > WeChat ID


▼ To find your WeChat ID, firstly, open your WeChat App and select Me.

Tap your profile photo or ID, you can view your current WeChat ID, and we tap WeChat ID to set a new ID.

wechat username

Step 2 Requirement


Before changing your ID, please see the requirement :

  • WeChat ID can only be changed once per year.


▼ Got the requirement, tap Change WeChat ID, enter your Password to Verify your identity.

how to change wechat id


How to modify your WeChat ID ?

Step 3 New ID


▼ Enter your new WeChat ID, and it…

  • Must be 6-20 characters.
  • Shouldn’t include your name, birthday, or other personal information.


Enter your New WeChat ID , and tap Next.

wechat id change

Step 4 OK


Notice : Your WeChat ID can only be changed once per year.

▼ Make sure you’ve read the important notice, check the box, and tap OK.

how to add wechat id wxid

Step 5 Done


▼ After submitting, your new WeChat ID is done.

You can log in with this new ID, and your friends can also find you with this unique certificate.


Tapping Change Wechat ID again, and you will see “Currently unable to change your WeChat ID”, it also shows when you can modify it again.

weixin id

These are how we update your WeChat ID, if it works on you, please share this with your friends , Thanks.

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