Baidu Account Registration | 百度 How to sign up Baidu

Baidu Account Registration : Baidu 百度 specializes search engine, mapping and cloud computing service in China. To get a new Baidu account? Follow us to sign up Baidu , enjoy all the Baidu services~

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Baidu , called 百度 in Chinese, it provides convinient internet services.

In this article, we are going to introduce how to register for a new Baidu account, and it’s time to have it.


Baidu Registration


Tried lots of methods to apply for a new Baidu account, we found most Baidu platforms(web/app) only provide registration via Mainland China mobile number.


Step 1 DuSpeaker App


To sign up for Baidu without the Chinese phone number, we can register it on a mobile app – DuSpeaker.

▼  To get this application (Android/iOS), you can follow Download DuSpeaker mobile app to have it.

baidu sign up

Step 2 Log in (for iOS)


▼  Enter this tool app, if you agree with 用戶协议User Agreement and 隐私政策Privacy Policy, check the box and tap 使用百度帐户登录 Log In with Baidu on iOS devices.

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Step 3 Sign Up


▼ Get into the Baidu Login Page, tap 注册 Sign Up to start your registration process.

Tap +86 to open the Country/Area list.

how to register baidu account outside china

Step 4 Mobile number


Select your Country code, fill in your Mobile number.

Tap 立即注册 Sign up now to verify your number.

how to make a baidu account

Step 5 SMS Verification


▼ Next, Drag the button to make the picture upright to pass the safety verification, and you will receive SMS verification code.

Then enter the Code to verify your number.


Note : If you can’t receive SMS, please wait for the countdown and tap 没收到验证码? .

create baidu account


How to create Baidu account ?

Step 6 Username and Password


▼ Pass the verification, we are almost there, here we are going to set up your account information.

Enter your 用戶名 Username, no longer than 14 characters or 7 Chinese characters.

Your 密码 Password must…

  • Be between 8-14 characters.
  • Contain at least two categories from Letters/ Digit/ Special characters.
  • Not use space or Chinese characters.

If all the information is okay, tap 确定Confirm to submit, and your new account registration is completed successfully.

baidu sign up

Step 7 Done


▼ After registration, you could tap 跳过 Skip to Choose your device, and you will be in the main screen of this application.

Getting your Baidu account, and you are able to log into all Baidu Products with your new Username and Password.

Note : Please make sure you remember your Username and Password before deleting this app.

baidu register

The above are how we create a new Baidu account, please share it to your friends if it works on you, Thanks~

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  1. Dude thanks so much I tried using the normal method and using the baidu cloud method and it wouldn’t let me send my sms. Even when it did it never arrived. But this method actually let the SMS arrive.

  2. I had been trying many ways just to create a Baidu account, but there were no hopes until I found you!!! It works perfectly, thank you so much!

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