How to create a China Apple ID

To get access to those apps or services in China App Store? Here’s a way to help, let’s get to this post to see How to create a China Apple ID ~

create a China Apple ID


In this post, we will introduce how to apply for an China Apple ID via official Apple ID website, and also share the way to verify your ID , log into App Store, let’s get it started.


Create a China mainland Apple ID

Step 1 Create your Apple ID


Open site :  Apple ID

▼ Firstly, open the link above to enter Apple ID page(, then scroll down and tap Create your Apple ID.

Note : If you’re using iOS devices, please don’t log in your current Apple ID.

china apple id

Step 2 Area & Info


▼ Enter this page, first make sure you select China mainland as COUNTRY/REGION, then fill in Last name, First name, Birthday, and a valid e-mail, this e-mail address will be your new Apple ID.

Next, fill in Password, Confirm password, and Security Question and Answer 1~3, we strongly recommend that you Take a screenshot of this page, in case you need to recover your account (ID).

Note : We can input information in English here.

how to get china apple id

Step 3 Phone number > Code


▼ In this step, you need to fill in a China phone number(+86), it is the most difficult part for all readers, we provide a way to get free China mainland numbers.

If you don’t have a real China mobile number,  you could see Receive SMS from China to get one, but it is dangerous, your ID will have serious security problems, please don’t verify your important account via this method.

Fill in Phone number, then type the Code in the image, then check above information again, tap Continue to submit this form.

how to create china apple id

Step 4 Verify Email & Phone


▼ Next, open your email to get and enter the Code, tap Next to verify it.

Then receive the verification Code from those website(or your phone), tap Next to verify.

Note :  If you don’t receive it, tap Didn’t get a code?, or try to use another number.

china apple id without phone number

Step 5 ID Created > App Store


▼ Verified your email and phone, your new Apple ID has been created, but we still need to verify billing address to complete all process.

Next, we open App Store on iOS device, then tap Account button.

how to make china apple id

Step 6 Sign in


Warning :  Before you sign out of your ID, please make sure your remember your current Apple ID and password.


▼ Get into Account page, swipe down to the bottom and tap Sign Out, then swipe it to the top of the screen, enter your New Apple ID, Password to Sign In.

apple id china

Step 7  Review


▼ Tap Review to sign in, then please read Terms and Conditions yourself, check it if you agree with it, then tap Next.

open china apple id

Step 8 Billing Address I


▼ In this page, we don’t need to provide any Payment Method, but have to fill in Billing Address to complete this form.

apple id billing address

Step 9 Billing Address II > Completed


▼We can type these address in English, fill in Street, Postcode, Region, select District/Province, and Phone.

Note : Postcode is a 6-digit number, Phone is a 9-digit number.

Click Next to submit it, and your Apple ID Completed, then tap Continue to switch the store.

create china apple id without credit card

Step 10 Welcome to the App Store


▼ Now, we’ve completed out registration, tap Continue again to get into China App Store, Welcome~

create a new apple id

Following  the step above , you will easily have a brand-new Apple ID, please share it to more friends, Thanks, and you could find more Related Posts below.

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