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WeChat instant messaging app, which is also a social media and mobile payment super app. To try its convenient services, just follow us to see How to create a new WeChat account , enjoy all the lives on WeChat~

How to create a new WeChat account


In this article, we will introduce how to sign up for a new WeChat account, let’s get it started.

  • Preparation
  • Step 1~4
  • Help Friend Register
  • Step 5~7


How to create WeChat account ?



Before we start this tutorial, please make sure you have a valid mobile number instead of a virtual one, and get WeChat mobile app on your phone.

download wechat

Step (1) Sign Up


▼ To sign up a new WeChat account, launch the app and tap on Sign Up.

We suggest that you sign up via your mobile number, because if you sign up with Apple or Facebook, you will still need to bind up your mobile number.

  • Tap Sign up via Mobile on Android.
  • Tap Sign up with mobile on iOS.

sign up wechat

Step (2) Region


▼ Next, tap Region and Select your Region.

wechat register

Step (3) info > Privacy policy


▼ Enter your Name, Mobile number, and Password.

Check the box if you accept the Terms of Service, then tap Next.

Read the Privacy Policy, Check the box if you agree, and tap Next.

wechat create account

Step (4) Security Verification


▼ Tap Start, and drag the slider to pass the verification.

wechat registration

Help Friend Register


▼ Some friends might see this page as below(right) after Security Verification.

You could…

wechat help friend register

Step (5) SMS verification


▼ Passing the Security Verification, you will receive the SMS Code, and we enter the Code and tap Submit.

If you don’t receive SMS, tap No verification code received? , you can Resend or receive the Phone Call.

wechat account create

Step (6) Find Friends


▼ After phone verification, you will log in your new account on WeChat.

If you like, could tap Learn more, Later to skip to add friends.

register wechat

Step (7) Done


▼ Enter the main screen, your WeChat registration has been successfully completed, and you could tap Me to find your WeChat ID~

sign up wechat

The above are how we create a new WeChat account, please share it to your friends if it works on you, Thanks~

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