How to create account on Tiktok China | Douyin

Tiktok is named Douyin in Mainland China ( Chinese : 抖音 ), you can find, create, and share interesting short videos in this social platform, to try more features in Douyin, follow this to see How to create account on Tiktok China , start to record your beautiful life~

How to create account on Tiktok China


In this article, we’re going to share how to create a new account on DouYin (TikTok China), and it’s time to get it.


How to sign up on Douyin ?

Step (1) Download TikTok China


▼ Before we start to register for DouYin ( Chinese : 抖音 )account, make sure you have Download TikTok China ,the content on DouYin (China) is totally different from TikTok(international).

douyin download

Step (2) Open App


▼ Open your TikTok China mobile app,

  • It’s in Chinese on Douyin for Android by default. (our device language : English).
  • It’s in English on Douyin for iOS by default(our device language : English).

Firstly, tap OK 好的 to close the window, then tap Me 我 to login page.

login douyin

Step (3) Login


▼ In this page, you can login with your Mobile phone or other 3rd party accounts.

tiktok china login

Step (4) Login with…


▼ Tap 其他方式登录 or , you can login with your Toutiao, QQ, WeChat, Weibo account, or your Apple ID, and we recommend that you login with mobile number, it’s much easier.

douyin account

Step (5) Select Country/Region


▼ Tap +86, and select your Country or Region.

tiktok login

Step (6) mobile number > Send code


▼ Enter your mobile number, then tap 获取短信验证码 Send code.

login douyin

Step (7) Verification


▼ Next, drag the slider to fit the puzzle piece, and you will receive a SMS message after verification.

douyin app english

Step (8) SMS Verification


▼ Enter SMS verification code, and tap 登录 Login.

tiktok china english

Step (9) Done


▼  Now you’re logged in, can try to browse more of its features and settings in TikTok China.

How to create account on Tiktok China

The above are how we log on TikTok China, please share it to your friends if it works on you, Thanks~

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