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Douyin (Chinese : 抖音), popular short-form mobile videos app in China, to get those pop songs in it, could follow our steps to see How to download background music on Douyin ~

How to download background music on Douyin


In this article, we’re introducing how to download background music on Douyin(TikTok China), let’s see how to do it.


How to get songs from Douyin videos ?

Step 1 Download Douyin mobile app


▼ Before we start, make sure that you’ve already Download TikTok China(Android/iOS) , TikTok China/ Douyin ( Chinese : 抖音) is different from TikTok (international).

download douyin

Step 2 Download the videos


▼ Open your 抖音 app, and Download the videos you like from Douyin .

douyin music

Step 3 Choose File


site : Online Converter : Video to MP3

▼  Getting the video you like, open the link above to visit Online Converter, we’re going to use it to convert the video to MP3.

Open the link above, choose Upload file (by default), tap Choose File, and select the video from your phone.

tiktok china song

Step 4 Options


▼ Check Options, and you can select audio quality.

chinese tik tok song

Step 5  Convert


▼ When it’s all set, tap Convert to upload and convert your video.

(Need to wait for a while)

douyin music

Step 6 Download I Android


▼  After converting, tap Download Now to start you download, and you can open it at the bottom in Chrome on Android devices.

douyin top songs

Step 6 Download II iOS


▼ Tap Download Now and Download to get this file on iOS devices, and you can tap button to find it at the upper right corner in Safari.

How to download background music on Douyin

The above are how we download songs on Douyin, please share it to your friends if it works on you, Thanks~

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