How to download TikTok China | Douyin

Tiktok is called Douyin 抖音 in China, which provides Chinese content in it, to know more about this, let’s see How to download TikTok China here~

How to download TikTok China


In this post , we will share the way to download Douyin抖音 for Android and iOS, and it’s time to get it.


How to download Douyin

Douyin for Android : Play Store (X)


▼ For Android phone and tablet users , we can only get TikTok international version on Play Store, if you are interested in TikTok China version, could follow the methods below to download APK file.

tiktok china app

Douyin for Android (1) Official Site


Official Site :  抖音Douyin

▼ We can get it from official website (, open the link above, then tap 立刻下载 Download it now to start downloading.

Note : Once you can’t get access to this site, could try to unblock the site via VPN or follow the methods below to get APK.

douyin download

Douyin for Android (2) Tencent MyApp Store


Tencent MyApp Store :  抖音短视频

▼ We can also download Douyin APK from Tencent MyApp Store.

Tap the link above to enter Tencent MyApp Store, tap 普通下载 Normal Download, 确定Confirm that you download Douyin via normal browser, and it will start Downloading.

Note : If you are on desktop site, click 立即下载(download it now) to get it.

douyin apk

Douyin for Android (3) PP Assistant


PP Assistant :  抖音短视频

▼ Another app store we can use is (Alibaba) PP Assistant.

Open the link to enter PP Assistant, tap 普通下载 Normal Download, choose OK to start downloading.

tiktok china apk


Download TikTok China

Douyin for iOS : App Store (X)


▼ For iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users , we can only get TikTok international outside of China, to have Douyin 抖音 mobile app ,please see the steps below.

douyin for apple

Douyin for iOS (1) Change Country


▼ Firstly, we need to change your Country/Area to China,  you could check How to build a China Apple ID to create a new ID, and it will help you enter China App Store.

tiktok from china

Douyin for iOS (2) Get it


App Store :  抖音短视频

▼ Entered China App Store successfully, you can search tiktok to find it, or open the link above to GET it.

tiktok china ios



▼ After installation, you will see a similar LOGO in Douyin app.

what is tik tok called in china



▼ Then you will find huge differences between international and China version, the picture below is the main screen on Douyin(China) app for Android and iOS, and it’s time for you to discover it.

tiktok china

Follow the steps above , and you can get Tik Tok China easily , if this works on you , please share it with your friends , thanks!

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