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WeChat instant messaging mobile app, provides different methods to communicate with your friends. If your WeChat account got blocked, could follow this to see How to help friend log in WeChat , try to recover your account~

How to help friend log in WeChat


In this article, we will introduce how to use a feature named Help Friend Log In on Wechat mobile app, it helps unblock your account, let’s get started.


How to unblock a WeChat account ?


Recently, I was unable to log into my WeChat account, it showed my account suspected of ruining a click farm and blocked, but actually I didn’t do anything.

Anyway, I followed the instruction and tried to recover my account on WeChat app.

We organized the steps below, you can see how to use “Help Friend Log In” feature to unblock a WeChat account, although I finally failed to recover my account, we still encourage you could have a try~

Your Step (1) Agree and Unblock


▼ I tried to log into WeChat, and found my account blocked, I followed the instruction and tap OK, tap Agree and Unblock to start this process.

help friend login wechat

Your Step (2) SMS verification


▼ Next, drag the slider to complete this puzzle, and you will need to provide a valid mobile number.

Select your country / region, enter your mobile number, then tap Next.

help friend login wechat iphone

Your Step (3) mobile number


▼ You will need to send a SMS (e.g. nu61) to the number (e.g. +12014160374), and tap SMS Sent. Next.

After verifying you number, you may have unblocked your account successfully, but if your account was detected unusual activity or something else, you will need to ask another WeChat user to “Help Friend log in”.

unblock wechat

Your Step (4) Find the user


▼ This user doesn’t have to be your WeChat friends, but must meet the following requirements :

  • Signed up for WeChat for 6 months ago and the account can be used normally.
  • Hasn’t exceeded the “Help Friend Log In” limit ( 1x / month , 2x/6 months , 3x /year)

Finding the friend, we select their Country/ Region, enter their mobile number, tap Next and notify the user to help us verify our identity.

wechat blocked


Help friend log in

Friend (1) Search > WeChat Team


▼  Now, it’s your friend’s turn.

Open WeChat Mobile Application, search WeChat Team in the top of Chats page, and tap on WeChat Team official account.

wechat team

Friend (2) Account > Help Friend Log In


▼ Tap Account, and select Help Friend Log In feature.

 wechat team account verify friend

Friend (3) Confirm


▼ Your friend will enter the verification page, tap The initiator himself has contacted me, and tap OK to confirm.

wechat ban

Friend (4) Verify > Result


▼ Next, select Identity verified, and we will get the result. (I am speechless…..)

If your friend doesn’t meet the requirements, could close this page and find another friend, and repeat the process above.

wechat account recovery

The above are how we use Help Friend log in to unblock a WeChat account, please share it to your friends if it works on you, Thanks~

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