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WeChat instant messaging app, a easy way to communicate with your friends. If you met WeChat Friend verification when creating a new account, follow us to see How to Help Friend Register on WeChat ~

how to help friend register on wechat


In this article, we will introduce how to pass Friend verification in WeChat registration, let’s have a look.

  1. Your Step
  2. Friend’s Step


How to Help Friend Register WeChat ?

Your Step (1) Start


It was really easy to Register for a new WeChat account in the past, bu lots of users may have encountered this problem on Security Verification recently.

▼ After entering the information on registration page, you may see this during security verification.

wechat help friend register

Your Step (2) Security Verification


▼ You might see this in Security Verification process.

We will need a friend to help us pass it, then what do we have to do?

According to the official instructions, we need other WeChat users who meet the following conditions, they do not have to be your WeChat friend.

  1. Signed up for WeChat over 1 month ago if they are an international user or 6 months ago if they are a China Mainland user.
  2. Hasn’t completed “Help Friend Register” for other user in the past month.
  3. Hasn’t been blocked in the past month.
  4. Has activated WeChat Pay if they are a China Mainland user.

To continue to register your WeChat account, you will need to find a WeChat user meets the above conditions, and ask the friend to scan this QR Code on your screen.

help friend register wechat


Help Friend Register WeChat


Finding the WeChat user, your friend could follow the steps below.

Friend’s Step (1) Security Verification


▼  (Friend) First enter WeChat mobile app, tap + and Scan on Chats page.

Agree to the camera permission (if need), select Scan Code mode (on Android), then scan the QR Code on your screen.

wechat team help friend register

Friend’s Step (2) Help friend Register


▼ Your friend will see Help Friend Register page after scanning, then tap OK to get the result.

If your friend does not meet the conditions, you will need to find another friend to assist you to pass this verification.

How to Help Friend Register on WeChat

The above are how we solve friend verification on WeChat registration, please share it to your friends if it works on you, Thanks~

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