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QQ instant messing app, a popular way to get in touch with friends in China. To pass friend verification or help friend register on QQ, follow us to see How to help friend register QQ account ~

How to help friend register QQ account


How to help friend register QQ account


In this article, we will introduce how to help friend register QQ account, let’s have a look~

  • You
  • Friend


How to help friend register QQ ?

You (1) Registration


▼ If you register a QQ account on QQ mobile app, you can sign up a new account without Chinese mobile number, but you may have seen Friends Verification(Security-assisted verification) in registration process as below.

qq friend verification

You (2) Security-assisted verification


▼ If you see this page when registering, you must pass this process to continue your registration, and what it is?

安全辅助验证 means Security-assisted verification, you will need other QQ user help you, and the friend must meet the following conditions according to the official instructions.


1 Find a QQ user meets the conditions below(Doesn’t need to be your QQ friends).


– Signed up for QQ over 6 month ago.


– Has activated QQ Wallet and bank card


– Hasn’t completed “Help Friend Register” or help unblock other QQ users in the past month.


– Hasn’t been blocked in the past month.

2. Request user to scan QR Code below using QQ mobile app.


Therefore, we have to find a QQ user meets the conditions above, and request the friend to help us via QQ app.

qq verification


How to pass QQ Friend verification ?


Finding the friend, and your friend could follow the steps below.

Friend (1) + > Scan


▼ (Your Friend) Entering and logging in QQ mobile app(Android/iOS), tap + and select  Scan 扫一扫.

Select OK to agree to the camera permission, the scanner will be enabled, and then scan the QR Code on your screen.

help friend register qq

Friend (2) Result


▼ (Your Friend)  Waiting for a while, and your friend will see if she/he is qualified to help other QQ users (Result).

Taking my personal account as an example, I don’t activate QQ Wallet and bank card, so my account is not qualified to help others.

After verification, you could tap 我已完成安全辅助验证 I have completed Security-assisted verification to proceed.

If the verification failed or not completed, it shows Friend hasn’t verified yet 好友尚未验证。

create QQ account

The above are how we help friend register or pass friend verification on QQ, please share it to your friends if it works on you, Thanks~

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