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To get videos from Tik Tok ? You could download them only with a few clicks, let’s see How to save videos on Tik Tok ~

tik tok video download


In this post, we will introduce how to save videos on Tik Tok for Android and iOS, it’s time to get it.


Get Tik Tok videos

Android App (1) Share > Save


▼ For readers having Android phone or tablets, it is simple to save videos locally, firstly, we open Tik Tok app, tap Share button, and then choose Save Videos from menu.

tik tok download

Android App (2) Permission > Saving


▼ Then allow file Permission, then it will start downloading and showing Saving.

get tik tok video

Android App (3) Saved


▼ When the download completes, it will display Saved to your device’s photo library, and you can find it from your device.

This is how we get videos from Android app, we will introduce for iOS app in next part, and if you like this post, don’t forget to SHARE it with your friends (SHARE Button at the bottom).

save tik tok


Download Videos to your phone

iOS App (1) Share > Save


▼ For readers using iPhone , iPad or iPod touch , it’s easy to get videos from app, we first open Tik Tok.

Next, tap Share button and choose Save Videos.

how to save a tiktok video

iOS App (2) Settings > Photos


▼Then we need to enable Photo access permission, tap Go to Settings, then select Read and Write, then back to Tik Tok App.

tik tok video download

iOS App (3) Saving


▼ We find the video and save it again, and it will start Saving.

tik tok video download

iOS App (4) Done > Photos


▼ Once the download completes, you can see the videos in your Photos App. 

save video

Following these easy steps , and you can download TIK TOK videos on your devices easily. If it works on you , please SHARE this post to you friends , thanks!

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