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Kugou Music mobile app, a popular music steaming platform in China. To solve region restriction issue, follow us to see How to use Kugou Music outside of China , listen to the songs overseas~

How to use Kugou Music outside of China


In this article, we will show you how to use Kugou Music overseas, listen to the songs you like.

  1. Kugou Music App download
  2. Kugou Music blocked
  3. Unblock Kugou Music


How to listen to Kugou Music outside China ?

Kugou Music App download


▼ Got Kugou Music App?

If not, please refer Kugou Music mobile app download to get it (Android/iOS).

kugou music outside china

Kugou Music blocked


▼ Friends from outside of China get into it, open any song list, you might see…

  • Most songs are in grey color, you can not play them.

And there are a pop-up window shows 因版权保护,该歌曲仅限中国大陆地区使用 , it means Due to copyright protection, this song is only available in mainland China.

To unblock it, tap 我知道了(Got it) to close this window, and please follow the steps below.

kugou music english


How to unblock Kugou Music ?

Unblock Kugou Music 1 VPN


To use Kugou Music overseas, you could try a VPN app named SpeedIn (Chinese : 快帆).

SpeedIn is free and easy to use, helps link to free servers in China with only 1 tap.

To get and use this free mobile app(Android/iOS), please see How to set up VPN into China .


▼ Linking to the server in China, we close and restart Kugou music.

Open the same song list, and you will see all songs are all in black color.

kugou music app

Unblock Kugou Music 2 Play


▼ Now, you won’t see the pop-up windows when you play the songs.

After playing the song,  you could tap the bottom to open the music player.


Note :Don’t forget to close SpeedIn after using Kugou.

kugou music

These are how we use Kugou music outside China, if it works on you, please share this with your friends , Thanks.

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