How to use NetEase Music outside of China | 网易云音乐

NetEase Music ( Chinese : 网易云音乐 ), also called 163 Music or NetEase Cloud Music. To try NetEase Music overseas, follow us to see How to use NetEase Music outside of China , get the power of music~

How to use Netease Music outside of China


In this article, we will introduce how to use NetEase Music overseas, enjoy songs you like~

  1. NetEase Music App download
  2. NetEase Music blocked
  3. Unblock NetEase Music


How to listen to NetEase Music outside China ?

NetEase Music App download


▼ Have Netease Music ?

To get this app, please see Download Netease Cloud Music mobile app (Android/iOS).

netease music download

NetEase Music blocked 1


▼ Enter 网易云音乐 NetEase Music app, open a random song list.

For example : you can tap 排行榜 Leaderboard  or 歌单 Song list to find a song list.

netease music

NetEase Music blocked 2


▼ If you are from outside of China (international user), the list might be like…

  • Most songs are in grey color.
  • Some songs are in black color.

You are able to play those songs in black and listen to them.

netease music app

NetEase Music blocked 3 Blocked


▼ Playing those songs in grey, you will see a pop-up window shows :


It means ” Due to copyright protection, this resource cannot be used in the current region/country. If the positioning is wrong, please enable the positioning permission to reposition it. ”

If you are in China, could tap 去开启定位 Turn on Location Services to reposition.

And friends from outside of China can follow the steps below to unblock it.

netease music blocked


How to unblock NetEase Music ?

Unblock NetEase Music 1 VPN


To try NetEase Music overseas, you can use a mobile app named SpeedIn (Chinese : 快帆).

SpeedIn is easy to use, which helps us link to the free servers in China.

To use this app(Android/iOS), please see Set up VPN into China .


▼ Connecting to the Chinese server, close and restart your NetEase Music App.

Open any song list, and you will see all the songs are in black color.

Now, you have unblocked it successfully.


Note : Didn’t work? Try to use Global Mode again.

unblock netease music

Unblock NetEase Music 2 Play


▼ Tap any songs you are interested in, and you can hear it playing~

unblock 163 music

Unblock NetEase Music 3 Close


▼ After using NetEase Cloud Music, don’t forget to close SpeedIn App~

netease music

These are how we use Netease Cloud Music outside China, if it works on you, please share this with your friends , Thanks.

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