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QQ Music (Chinese : QQ音乐) streaming service, the leading Chinese song platform in China.  To experience QQ music overseas, could follow us to see How to use QQ music outside of China , enjoy music everywhere~

How to use QQ music outside of China


In this article, we will introduce how to use QQ music overseas, and it’s time to see it.

  • QQ music App download
  • QQ music blocked
  • Unblock QQ music


How to listen to QQ music outside China ?

QQ Music App download


▼ Haven’t got QQ music app?

Please see QQ Music mobile app download to get it(Android/iOS).

qq music download

QQ music blocked


▼ Readers from outside of China get into QQ music and open any song list, you might see…

  • Most songs are in grey color, you can not play them.
  • A few songs are in black, and you probably could listen to them(some only for VIP).


When you play those songs in grey, you might see 暂时没有音源呢, which means here is no music resource temporarily.

Actually, we are blocked by QQ music due to region restriction.

To solve this, please follow the steps below to unblock it.

qq music blocked


How to unblock QQ music ?

Unblock QQ music 1 VPN


To use QQ music normally, you could try a VPN tool app named SpeedIn (Chinese : 快帆).

SpeedIn is easy to use, it helps link to the free servers in China with only one tap.

To get and use this free mobile app(Android/iOS), please see How to set up VPN into China .


▼ Linked to the Chinese server, restart your QQ music App, and you will see all the songs are in black color.

Unblock QQ music

Unblock QQ music 2 Play


▼ Now, you can play any song you are interested in.

Could also tap the bottom to open the music player.


Note : Don’t forget to close SpeedIn app after using QQ music.

qq music vpn

Unblock QQ music 3 Done


▼ After using QQ Music, don’t forget to close VPN connection on SpeedIn.

qq music tutorial

These are how we use QQ music outside China, if it works on you, please share this with your friends , Thanks.

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