How to use Xiami Music outside of China | 虾米音乐

Xiami Music (Chinese : 虾米音乐 ), a popular music service of the Alibaba Group in China. To enjoy Xiami Music overseas, follow us to see How to use Xiami Music outside of China , discover new music.

How to use Xiami Music outside of China


How to use Xiami Music outside of China


Alibaba shut down Xiami Music on February 5, please try other Music Apps.


In this article, we are going to introduce how to use Xiami Music overseas, enjoy songs you like~

  1. Xiami Music App download
  2. Xiami Music blocked
  3. Unblock Xiami Music


How to listen to Xiami Music outside China ?

Xiami Music App download


▼ Got Xiami Music ?

To get this music app, just follow Download Xiami music mobile app to have it(Android/iOS).

xiami music download

Xiami Music blocked 1


▼ Get into 虾米音乐 Xiami Music, and we open a random song list.

For example, you can tap 排行榜 Leaderboard to find a song list.

xiami music app

Xiami Music blocked 2


▼  For international users (outside of China), the song list might be like…

  • Most songs are in grey color.
  • Some songs are in black color.

Playing those songs in black, you can listen to them.

xiami music app english

Xiami Music blocked 3


▼ Playing those songs in grey color, you might see 2 kinds of pop-up windows as below :

1.  我们一直在争取这首歌的版权,努力中! 先看个MV吧

It means ” We have been trying to get the copyright of this song and still working on it. Let’s watch a MV first. ”

You could select 播放MV to Play MV or 取消 Cancel to close this window.

2. 因版权保护,您所在的国家或地区暂不提供该歌曲服务。

This means ” Due to copyright protection, the song service is temporarily not available in your country or region.

xiami music


How to unblock Xiami Music ?

Unblock Xiami Music 1 VPN


▼ To enjoy Xiami Music overseas, you can use a VPN app named SpeedIn (Chinese : 快帆).

SpeedIn is free and easy to use, which can help us link to the server in China.

To see how to download and use this app(Android/iOS), follow Set up VPN into China .


▼ Linking to the Chinese server, close and restart the Xiami Music app.

Enter any song list, and you will see all the songs are in black.

Now, you have unblocked this music app.

Note : Not working? Try to use Global mode to unblock it again.

xiami music

Unblock Xiami Music 2 Play


▼ Play any song you like, and you can hear it playing~

xiami music blocked

Unblock Xiami Music 3 Close


▼ After you use Xiami Music, don’t forget to close SpeedIn~

xiami music unblock

These are how we use Xiami Music outside China, if it works on you, please share this with your friends , Thanks.

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