KuaiShou for Web | 快手

KuaiShou , a popular short-form video community. To watch KuaiShou videos on your browser, follow us to visit KuaiShou for Web , find the content you like~

KuaiShou for Web


KuaiShou for Web


KuaiShou, named 快手 in China, the Chinese version of Kuai Video.

And in this article, we are introducing how to visit and use KuaiShou video for web.

You can browse funny videos on the web, let us visit it.

  • Mobile site
  • Desktop site


How to visit KuaiShou for web

Mobile site


▼ Would like to watch KuaiShou videos on your mobile phone or tablet?

From our tests, KuaiShou Video website(mobile site) is not available on mobile devices.

You could try to Download KuaiShou mobile App to watch videos.

kuaishou app

Desktop site 1 Feature videos


official link :  KuaiShou Feature videos

▼  Readers using PC, Mac or other desktop devices can enjoy short videos on the website.

Open the link to watch feature videos directly.

And you can tap Up or Down button to watch last / next video.

kuaishou web

Desktop site 2 Sign In


▼  To search or comment? You can click Sign In button at the upper right corner.

Then you can scan to log in via you KuaiShou app or Sign in/ Sign up your account on the page.

kuaishou video web

Desktop site 3 Main page


official link :  KuaiShou Video

▼  To find more categories or recommended videos, you can visit its video main page(video.kuaishou.com).

Open the link above, and you can enjoy tons of videos here.

kuaishou on the web

These are how we visit KuaiShou Video on the web, if it works on you, please share this with your friends , Thanks.

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