Download Tor browser desktop app

Tor Browser , protects you from tracking, surveillance and censorship, also relays and encrypts your traffic. If you are ready to give it a try, could follow this article to Download Tor browser desktop app , let’s explore freely.

Download Tor browser desktop app


Tor Browser is developed by the Tor Project, Inc, which is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, committed to transparency and the safety of its users. To discover more about Tor, please see History of Tor, and Support for FAQs.

In this article, we are going to introduce how to download Tor desktop browser(Windows/macOS /Linux), and it’s time to see how to get it.


How to download Tor browser for desktop

Step 1 official website


official website :  Download Tor Browser

▼ To experience this application, we can download it from the official website.

Open the link above to visit its download page(, and you could change the language in the upper right corner if you like.

tor desktop browser download

Step 2 Direct download


▼ Enter this page, you will see different versions for 4 kinds of operating systems, tap the LOGO, and the download will start directly.

Note 1 :  It will provide the language according your browsing language, to get other language version, please see Step 4 Multi-language.

Note 2 :  To get Tor browser mobile app(Android/ iOS), please see Get Tor browser mobile app .

tor browser for mac

Step 3 Tor Browser Alpha I


▼ If you are happy to try new features of the latest version, tap Download the latest alpha build in Download page.

tor browser alpha

Step 3 Tor Browser Alpha II


official website :  Download Tor Browser Alpha

▼ Here are lots of  versions for Tor Browser Alpha, firstly,  find your language, then tap the operating system to start your download.

dark web

Step 4 Multi-language I


▼ To find the stable version in your language, tap Download in another language or platform in Download page.

tor browser windows

Step 4 Multi-language II


official website :  Download Tor Browser in your language

▼ Find your language first, then tap OS to start the download.

tor browser 32 bit

Step 5 Manual : Installation


Manual :  Installation

▼ If you would like to see how to install Tor Browser after download, could follow the Manual to install it.

tor browser installation

Follow the steps above, and you can get Tor Browser for your desktop device,  if it works on you, please share this with your friends, thanks~

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