Unblock WeSing outside of China | 全民K歌 Tencent Karaoke App

Unblock WeSing outside of China : 全民K歌 , the Chinese version of WeSing App, it is a popular KTV platform developed by Tencent. Want to sing songs from Singapore, India, or United States? To unblock WeSing karaoke App? Let’s follow our article to resolve region restriction, experience the fun of K Song instantly~

Unblock WeSing outside of China


全民K歌 , WeSing (pinyin : quanmin k ge), a popular Chinese K song App.

全民K歌 KTV platform owned by Tencent.

You could find not only tons of High-quality songs from the library, but also lots of singing modes in this App.

In this article, we will introduce how to unblock WeSing App, and you will be able to use it anywhere~

  • Please note this article is to unblock Chinese version of Wesing (Not for the international version).



Unblock Quanmin K Ge

Step 1 Download App


▼ Got 全民K歌 App yet?

To sing songs online, please follow WeSing App Download to get this KTV App(Android/iOS).

national k song app

Step 2 Login


▼ Open Wesing, firstly, check the circle you agree to the license agreement 许可协议 and privacy guidelines 隐私指引.

Here are two login methods, you could login with your

  • WeChat account
  • QQ account


If you want to read a tutorial, could follow our articles to get a new account.

Regional Restriction

Step 3 Regional Restriction


We tried to log in with WeChat, tap Agree to use WeChat information.

▼ An error message appeared after consenting to the use of the data.

It showed :

所在地区无法提供服务 / Service is not available in your area

错误码 : W1952 / Error code : W1952

(Our Test Location : Taiwan)


We repeated the above steps and all failed to log in.

Even if you’ve ever registered/login in the past, it doesn’t work.


If you encountered similar situation, might get regional restriction.

unblock Quanminkge

Step 4 Resolve


To use Wesing from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia or other location?

Please refer Free VPN Into China to download and enable SpeedIn VPN.


▼  After enabling VPN connection, please close and restart Wesing App.

Next, log in your WeChat/QQ account.

And you will be able to log into WeSing successfully~

Unblock WeSing outside of China

These are how we use Wesing outside China (APK), if it works on you, please share this with your friends , Thanks.