Unblock Tencent Video outside of China| 腾讯视频

Unblock Tencent Video outside of China : 腾讯视频 video streaming platform, provides movies, TV series, TV shows, animation, sports and more. Want to watch Tencent videos from the US? Europe? Unable to use due to regional restrictions? No matter where you are, just follow us to solve restrictions and enjoy Tencent Video~

Unblock Tencent Video outside of China


Unblock Tencent Video outside of China


腾讯视频, Tencent Video, a popular Chinese video streaming platform.

TV series, movies, music, live stream, short videos are always available here.

In this article, we will introduce how to solve the regional restrictions on Tencent Video from overseas, and you could watch free content globally, let’s learn how to do it.

  • Download Mobile App
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Watch Tencent Video outside of China

Download Mobile App


▼ To watch shows on your mobile device, we need to get Tencent Video App.

Some readers might find an App named WeTV, which is the international version of Tencent Video.


To get more popular content, please refer Download Tencent Video App to get it (Android/iOS).



Step 1 Open App


(The following is based on non-members and non-VIP, it means you don’t need to register or subscribe)

▼ After installing, we enter Tencent Video.

Open video randomly, you probably could find few videos are available to watch after ads.

how to watch tencent video outside china

Step 2 Regional restrictions?


If you are from outside of China, the following situations might occur.

▼ Opening most videos will show 您所在区域暂无此内容版权 .

It means ” There is no copyright for this content in your area “.

No matter it’s VIP, Paid or Free content, most videos are not available to watch.


To enjoy free content, please follow the steps below to unblock it~

Tencent video restriction


Unblock Tencent Video App

Step 3 Switch


To watch more free videos, we can do it by free VPN App.

Simply download and enable SpeedIn VPN App, and we can connect Chinese servers.

After enabling VPN function, close and enter Tencent Video again.


▼ After these, you can load ads when clicking on videos.

tencent video restricted

Step 4 Try it out


▼  Now, you can open VIP and purchased content, and those might be watchable for a few minutes.


We still can’t watch full video without purchasing or subscribing.

But some open films are available.

watch Tencent Video outside China

Step 5 Free


▼ For those free videos, we can load advertisements now.

Free content are unblocked and watchable.

After ads, you can enjoy the video content.


Note : Don’t forget to turn off VPN when you’re done using it.

Unblock Tencent Video

These are how we use Tencent Video outside China, if it works on you, please share this with your friends , Thanks.