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Voov Meeting , a convenient way to host or join online meetings anywhere. To experience the cloud meeting, just follow us to start VooV Meeting App download , link with a single click~

Voov Meeting App download


VooV Meetings, the international version of Tencent Meeting, which is developed by Tencent.

And in this article, we will introduce how to download Voov Meeting  for Android and iOS, let’s get this Cloud meeting app~

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  2. For Android
  3. For iOS


How to download VooV Meeting app ?



▼ Voov Meeting provides free, Pro and Enterprise Editions.

You can have these in free version:

  • Unlimited one-to-one meetings
  • Group meetings for up to 45 minutes
  • Up to 25 attendees allowed

To know more details, please see VooV Meeting Edition page.


Note :  VooV Meeting will continue to be free to the public during the COVID-19 outbreak. The service supports up to 300 attendees and offers unlimited meeting duration.

Voov Meeting App

For Android


Google Play :  VooV Meeting

▼ Readers on Android phone or tablet can get VooV Meeting from the Google Play Store.

Go search voov from the store or open the link to Install it.


Note :  Can’t get it? Try to use VPN tools to install it from the (US) Play Store.

Voov Meeting download


How to get VooV Meeting ?

For iOS


App Store :  VooV Meeting

▼ Readers having iPhone or iPad are able to find this cloud meeting app from your App Store.

Just search voov meeting or open the link above to GET it.


Note : Can’t find it? Try to sign up a new (US) Apple ID to get it.

Voov Meeting App download

These are how we get VooV Meeting app, if it works on you, please share this with your friends , Thanks.

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